I want to help people find joy and meaning in their lives to achieve greater physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing.

Health & Longevity Coaching

Do you suffer from a chronic health condition, stress, weight-gain, peri -menopause symptoms or exhaustion? 
Would you like to have more energy, sleep better, achieve a healthy weight and establish a healthy and delicious diet?

A combination of functional medicine principles, coaching mindfulness and modern stress management practices will enable you to establish viable long term life style changes for better health and longevity.

A minimum of 5 sessions are recommended.

Each session: 60 Minutes

Sfr 90 - Sfr. 180 (Sliding scale)

Life Coaching

Are you in a transition phase in your life? Maybe a career change, a divorce or a separation, your children growing up, going through menopause...?

Would you like to to experience greater life satisfaction, feel  a sense of purpose and maintain or improve your relationships?

Learn to implement  concrete steps that help you live a more meaningful and happier life, using coaching strategies and mindfulness practices..

Each session: 60 Minutes

Sfr 90 - Sfr. 180 (Sliding scale)

Mindfulness coaching

Do you struggle with perfectionism, a lack of self confidence and trust in yourself or the unfolding of life?

Would you like to reconnect with your deep sense of meaning, cultivate self love and inner compassion and find more joy and connection to others?

Mindfulness practices and breathing techniques help us connect with our heart's wisdom and bring more peace, harmony and connection into your lives.

A minimum of 5 sessions are recommended.
Each session: 60 Minutes

Sfr 90 - Sfr. 180 (Sliding scale)


My holistic coaching approach is designed to address a client’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The approach combines the latest scientific findings from neuro science and psychology with ancient wisdom from Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. The coaching process is based on your personal goals. 

Holistic coaching considers three aspects of our experience: 


As we all know, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Physical wellbeing such as good sleep, high energy-levels and being free of pain are the foundation for live satisfaction. Often small, simple changes in lifestyle are enough to set the course for long-term physical fitness. Here Coaching builds in particular on functional medicine coaching


Various modern and classical techniques of mindfulness, yoga and modern neuroscience teach us to cultivate healing emotions such as joy, gratitude and serenity which strengthen our resilience. A loving compassionate attitude towards inner saboteurs and the challenges of our own lives, enables us to free ourselves from old patterns of thinking and behavior.


Most people long for deep human connection, a sense of wholeness and meaning. The techniques of mindfulness and coaching help us to connect with what is really important to us and to accept ourselves as we are, so that at the end of life we can say: I wasn't perfect, but I was true to myself. Or as Frank Sinatra sang so beautifully: I did it my way!


Constanze is a wonderful health coach. She gently and compassionately held space for me to introduce some dietary and lifestyle changes - things that I really needed to do but just couldn’t find the motivation to do by myself. With Constanze’s help I was able to reduce my intake of inflammatory foods with the result that I not only felt healthier but happier too! Thank you, Constanze!" (Sara, 50, journalist and mum)
Constanze is a wonderful coach and guided me through working on some issues with supportive insight, short meditations, prompting questions and helpful "homework". I liked her no fuss approach and subtle sense of humour". (Mary, 50 teacher)
Constanze is an excellent coach that has helped me in multiple situations to focus and make better choices in my private and professional life. She combines a deep understanding of techniques to tackle challenges and set right priorities with a unique sense for the individual. I can highly recommend her" (Alex, 42, Corporate Communications Expert)

Why Coaching?

Coaching is one of the most effective and efficient tools for personal development and growth that I have gotten to know. It's long-term effect lies in the fact that it is about making exactly those changes that you would like to achieve yourself. It's not about advice or external expertise - on the contrary, the coach's task is to help you listen to your inner needs and activate your inner wisdom and intuition to do what you would like to do. Basically, the coach can help you find the best way, but you have to decide where you want to hike and walk up the mountain yourself.

From the beginning, I experienced this approach as extremely compatible and synergetic with everything I had learned in my yoga and mindfulness trainings: e.g., meeting your own body and mind with love and kindness, taking the body's symptoms seriously and accepting them as an invitation to listen carefully. Both mindfulness and coaching put a lot of emphasis on trusting the deep inner wisdom of the client, mindfully exploring the meaning of life and deep inner needs, and trusting one's own intuition. On this fertile ground wellbeing and a sense of wholeness and purpose can be achieved, taking simple small steps.