I can help you if you..

...are going through a major life change, starting a new job, ending a relationship​

...want to lose weight, enjoy healthy eating

... want to manage your IBS symptoms

...want to improve your sleep

...need to manage your stress

...want to prevent disease and activate your inner healing potential

...feel demotivated and a lack of meaning.

Wholistic Approach

I work with a holistic approach which combines the latest scientific findings with ancient wisdom.  I help people to implement life style changes, activate their self-healing powers and thereby solve the causes of their physical and mental conditions. The coaching process is based on your personal goals. Usually it consists of 5-10 sessions at my studio in Küsnacht or via zoom. The coaching process is based on a holistic approach that addresses physical, mental and spiritual aspects.


Physical wellbeing such as good sleep, high energy-levels and being free of pain are the foundation for live satisfaction. Often small, simple changes in lifestyle are enough to set the course for long-term physical fitness and resilience. In my coaching I work with Functional Medicine and Epigentic Coaching Techniques


Most people long for deep human connection, a sense of wholeness and meaning. The techniques of mindfulness and coaching help us to connect with what is really important to us and to accept ourselves with kindness and compassion as we are. As Rumi said: your task is not to seek for love, but to remove all the barriers you've built against it.


With a combination of modern and classical methods of mindfulness, yoga and modern neuroscience, we can activate our inner healing powers, cultivate wholesome attitudes, dissolve blockages, free ourselves from old patterns of thinking and behavior and strengthen our mental and physical resilience.

Why coaching?

Coaching is one of the most effective and efficient methods for personal development and growth that I have experienced. The coach's job is to help you listen to your inner needs and activate your inner wisdom and intuition. Like a mountain guide, the coach can help you find the right path and persevere. But you have to walk the path yourself.

From the beginning, I experienced this approach as extremely compatible and synergetic with everything I had learned in my yoga and mindfulness trainings: e.g., meeting your own body and mind with love and kindness, taking the body's symptoms seriously and accepting them as an invitation to listen carefully. Both mindfulness and coaching put a lot of emphasis on trusting the deep inner wisdom of the client, mindfully exploring the meaning of life and deep inner needs, and trusting one's own intuition. On this fertile ground wellbeing and a sense of wholeness and purpose can be achieved, taking simple small steps.