I have been working within various aspects of child and youth development since 2002. My particular areas of expertise include the following:  early childhood development,  social-emotional skills, reproductive health in youth, rural development,  vocational training, labor market integration.

Due to my many years of collaboration with Foundations, NGOs, public services, international organizations and the private sector, I have a keen grasp of the interests, roles and approaches of the many organisations involved in child and youth development – not only in Switzerland, but also internationally. I have also built a large and well established network of the key-players within this arena.

Based on these experiences, and my areas of expertise, I advise Foundations, NGOs and companies regarding the development and implementation of strategies and programs.

I accompany my clients through all the phases - from the idea stage, all the way through to implementation. These processes include: theory of change, needs assessment, market analysis, operational planning, evaluation, etc.

My experience has taught me that, in order for strategies and programs to be successful and sustainable, they need to be tailored to the specific conditions of each organization. I therefore take particular care to thoroughly understand the needs and concerns of my clients and to develop all measures in close co-operation with them.

I work in German, English, French and Italian.

I teach Yoga and mindfulness and am President of the association Achtsame Schulen Schweiz.

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