How can I accompany you on your journey towards a fulfilling, joyful life?

 Mindful, Solution focused & Ressource-orientedCounselling & Coaching in Küsnacht and online

Holistic counselling and coaching offer a solution-focused and resource-oriented approach. This approach assists us in defining and pursuing specific goals while gaining insights into how our experiences and conditioning have shaped us into the individuals we are today, as well as why we think, feel, and act the way we do. By reflecting on our own behavior, as well as the thought and behavior patterns of our family and other influential figures, and by becoming aware of any aspects of our personality we may have suppressed or unconsciously ignored, we free ourselves from automatic behaviors and barriers.

Coupled with mindfulness, this approach enables us to cultivate an authentic and compassionate interest in our own experiences. This also involves placing fundamental trust in the inner wisdom and kindness of our hearts, as well as in our ability to constructively navigate challenges and ideally grow from them.

Is it for me?

Do you need support to 

  • Successfully navigate a challenging transition, such as a career change, separation, returning to work, or coping with an illness?
  • Understand, dissolve, and develop more helpful strategies for limiting beliefs, behaviors, or relationship patterns?
  • Acquire knowledge and concrete strategies to improve your stress management and actively contribute to your health?

Consultations and coaching sessions can take place either in person at my studio in Küsnacht or conveniently via Zoom

Wholistic Approach

I integrate the latest scientific insights with traditional wisdom to accompany you on your journey. My holistic approach aims to strengthen your trust in your inner wisdom and your self-healing abilities. On this foundation, sustainable changes become possible, which can be achieved through simple yet concrete measures. This approach takes into consideration mental, physical and spiritual aspects.


Most people long for deep human connection, a sense of wholeness and meaning. The techniques of mindfulness and coaching help us to connect with what is really important to us and to accept ourselves with kindness and compassion as we are. As Rumi said: your task is not to seek for love, but to remove all the barriers you've built against it.


With a combination of modern and classical methods of mindfulness, yoga and modern neuroscience, we can activate our inner healing powers, cultivate wholesome attitudes, dissolve blockages, free ourselves from old patterns of thinking and behavior and strengthen our mental and physical resilience.


Physical wellbeing such as good sleep, high energy-levels and being free of pain are the foundation for live satisfaction. Often small, simple changes in lifestyle are enough to set the course for long-term physical fitness and resilience. In my coaching I work with Functional Medicine and Epigentic Coaching Techniques


Holistic Counselling/Coaching/Mindfulness-Mentoring: CHF 120-170 per 60 Min, depending on financial situation