Yoga in Küsnacht

 Group courses and individual lessons on site and online, yoga in companies and institutions

Yoga Offerings

I teach dynamic as well as mindful and joyful yoga and mindfulness classes in German and English. I have been particularly influenced by the dynamic, flowing Viniyasa Flow, the energetic Prana Flow Yoga, the precision of Iyengar, as well as the mindfulness teachings based on the Vipassana tradition. Yoga and mindfulness are for me a method for healing the body and mind and a way to live from the heart.

Group courses

Weekly group courses in German and English in my Studio in Küsnacht Itschnach.


One-on-one Yoga Sessions can be booked upon request.
Costs Sfr. 130/60 Min up to 3 participants.

Yoga in Institutionens

On request, I offer yoga courses tailored to the needs of institutions and companies, which can take place on site at the institution or via zoom. Costs: on request

Yoga Online

25 Minute well-rounded Sequence

This dynamic yoga class is suited to all levels and is intended to help you bring vitality and energy into your body and your mind.

35 Minute Yoga Dragon Sequence

This practices focuses on activating the energy in your core integrating elements from Chi Gong. It combines activating as well as deeply relaxing elements and can be practiced any time of the day.

20 Minute Slow Yoga Sequence

This 20 minute Yoga session is suited to all levels. It's inteded to help you release tension and prepare the body for relaxation

Super short Yoga Sequences

Oft haben wir zu wenig Zeit, für eine ganze Yoga Sequenz. Diese super kurzen Yoga Sequenzen kannst du flexibel in Deinen Tag oder deine eigene Praxis einbauen. Du kannst Sie auch zu einer Sequenz zusammenhängen.

Let's start with a super short energizing session to mobilise your spine and open the hips

Supershort well rounded intermediate yoga sequence. Repeate on left side to feel fully balanced.

This second sequences will allow you to mobilise your entire body in just two minutes.

Super short relaxing hip opening sequence. Please do both sides to balance your body.