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I teach regular dynamic and joyful and yoga and mindfulness classes in German and English in my studio in Küsnacht, as well as workshops and retreats in other locations and online.

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Arriving in the present moment 

Online Mindfulness Course, January - April 2021

This course is aimed at people who often have the impression of "juggling too many issues at the same time", who would like to find more peace and balance in everyday life and create more space for the things that really matter to them. The course focuses on practice and aims to help busy people to anchor the practice of mindfulness in their everyday lives in an uncomplicated way.

Learning goals

The course teaches classical and modern mindfulness practices, insights from neuroscience, and practical exercises that will support you in::

-      Arriving in the moment, cultivating a friendly, non-judgmental attitude and consciously perceiving sensations, thoughts and feelings.

-      Recognising key stressors and identifying ways to avoid stress or deal with stress in a more constructive way.

-      Cultivate beneficial feelings that can promote resilience and help you to deal with challenges better.


-      10 weekly online workshops of 1 hour 15 minutes: introduction of the current topic, meditation together, time for questions.

-      10 weekly online meetings of about 30 minutes: about 20 minutes of meditation, time for questions (possibility to leave the meeting at any time).

-      Audio recordings of mindfulness practices for practice at home.

-      Handouts on each topic with suggestions for exercises to do at home.


CHF 380, or EUR 280. A discount may be granted for small budgets. 

Content and datesThur.: 7h30-8h45 pm

Workshop & Meditation
Tue: 7h00-7h30 am

Meditation & Questions
What is mindfulness7.1.12.1.
Arriving in the body, Kindness, Acceptance14.1.19.1.
Stress  - what happens in the body21.1.26.1.
Loving kindness4.2.9.2.
Gratitude & Joy11.2.16.2.
Emotions our compass5.3.9.3.
Thoughts - befriending the mind11.3.16.3.
Dealing with difficult emotions18.3.23.3.
Managing Stress25.3.30.3.
Intention, taking it out there8.4.13.4.