Holistic Counseling, Mindfulness-Mentoring & Health-Coaching

On Site in Küsnacht and Online.

Welcome, I'm Constanze

I work holistically, combining centuries-old yoga and mindfulness practices and wisdom with the latest scientific findings on physical and mental health. On this basis I support clients on their journey towards greater physical and mental well-being and a purposeful life. How can I assist you in developing more self-awareness, cultivating inner and outer compassion, and identifying concrete strategies to achieve what brings meaning and joy to your life?Let's embark on a journey together towards holistic well-being, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary science.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change“ — Carl R. Rogers

Would you like to

navigate a challenging transition, such as a career change, a separation, or re-entering the workforce after taking a break for parenting, in a constructive way? 

understand and dissolve limiting beliefs, behaviors, or relationship patterns, and develop more helpful new strategies? 

gain knowledge and concrete strategies to actively contribute to your health and tackle challenges like (peri)menopause or a chronic condition such as irritable bowel syndrome or thyroid disfunction, improve your stress management skills, or simply to feel more comfortable in your own skin? 

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The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  ― Pablo Picasso

How I work

Counseling & Health Coaching

With a holistic approach that combines the latest scientific findings with ancient wisdom, I support you to manage challenges constructively, understand your patterns and activate your inner healing potential.

Yoga & Mindfulness

I teach dynamic and joyful yoga and mindfulness classes in German and English in Küsnacht

Workshops &

Retreats and workshops allow us to delve deeper into a topic and initiate sustainable transformation processes.


Constanze is a wonderful health
coach. She gently and compassionately held space for me to introduce some dietary and lifestyle changes - things that I really needed to do but just couldn’t find the motivation to do by myself. With Constanze’s help I was able to reduce my intake of inflammatory foods with the result that I not only felt healthier but happier too! Thank you, Constanze!" (Sara, 50, journalist and mum)

Constanze is guided me through working on some issues with supportive insight, short meditations, prompting questions and helpful "homework". I liked her no fuss approach and subtle sense of humour". (Mary, 50 teacher)

Constanze  has helped me in multiple situations to focus and make better choices in my private and professional life. She combines a deep understanding of techniques to tackle challenges and set right priorities with a unique sense for the individual. I can highly recommend her" (Alex, 42, Corporate Communications Expert)

Welcome to my blog

Dankbarkeit & Freude

Dankbarkeit ist eine der größten Quellen des Glücks. Dankbarkeit öffnet das Herz und weckt Vertrauen in das Leben selbst...

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Verhaltensänderung ist die Fähigkeit das zu tun, was wirklich wichtig ist, auch wenn es schwierig ist. Wir können unsere Willskraft stärken indem wir unsere Achtsamkeit, und unsere Selbstreflektion stärken und verschiedene Lebensstil-Massnahmen – ....

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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ― Rumi


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